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I’m a full time potter, educator and ceramic artist. I have been the intermediate/advanced ceramics instructor at Turk Hill Craft School in Fairport, NY for almost 15 years. I studied clay at Alfred University where I met my wife Sarah.

Patreon is a membership platform that I use to share a lifetime of ceramics knowledge with you in a clear and concise way. You can learn about every aspect of pottery making from a professional in a way that works for your life…anytime, anywhere. The App is extremely useful for learning on the go! We came to Patreon to share our clay knowledge with the world and to connect with other potters in a new way. We want to create a supportive, inclusive, positive and affordable online environment for our Patrons to learn, to meet other potters from around the world and to build a community.  Join us!

Current Content List:

Video - Cup Lesson 1: Wedging and Centering 15:55
Video - Cup Lesson 2: Throwing and Formal Considerations 32:34 
Video - Cup Lesson 3: Throwing a Chuck and Trimming 26:38 
Video - Cup Lesson 4: Templated Handle Demonstration 14:36 
Video - Cup Lesson 5: Layout, Design and Waxing for Inlay 22:19 
Video - Cup Lesson 6: Cutting Through Wax for Inlay 10:04 
Video - Cup Lesson 7: Slip Inlay 8:23 
PDF - Cup Lesson 1: Throwing and Trimming Templates, Divider Disk, Tool List, Handle Template 
PDF - Cup Lesson 2: Inlay Slip Recipes and Materials 
Video - Spiral Wedging & Thixotropy 7:54 
Video - Teapot Lesson 1: Throwing the Body and the Gallery 31:49 
Video - Teapot Lesson 2: Throwing the Lid 13:50 
Video - Teapot Lesson 3: Trimming the Lid 19:56 
Video - Teapot Lesson 4: Trimming the Body 27:16 
Video - Teapot Lesson 5: Slab Built Spout 32:57 
PDF - Teapot Lesson: Spout and Handle Templates 
Video - Preparing Glaze for Glaze Trailing 10:41 
PDF - Glaze Thickener Recipe 
Video - Glaze Trailing and Wax Resist 5:54 
Video - Glaze Trailing Tips 4:34 
PDF - Glaze Trailing Supplies List 
Video - Lining, Waxing, Wiping Back 6:35 
Video - Specific Gravity for Consistent Glaze Results 8:45 
PDF - Specific Gravity 
Video - Flared Rim Bowl: Throwing 14:51 
Video - Flared Rim Bowl: Trimming 20:16 
Inspiration - Why Make Pots: An Excerpt from Philip Rawson’s book “Ceramics” 
Project: Working in Series 
Project: Proportion & Drawing 
Video - Essential Skills 1: Wedging and Centering Two Pounds of Clay 10:02 
Video - Essential Skills 2: Centering Four Pounds 6:57 
Video - Essential Skills 3: Knuckle Pulling 17:05
Infographic - Three Best Types of Lids 
Infographic - A Guide to Self Critique 
Inspiration - 13 C. Korean Celadon Cup with commentary 
Inspiration - Underglaze Decorated Porcelain Bowl 
(China, Ming Dynasty 15-16 C.) 
Inspiration - Underglaze Decorated Stoneware Bowl (12-13 C. Iran) 
Video - Dinner Plate: Throwing 23:02 
Video - Dinner Plate: Trimming 14:09
Video - Throwing in Sections: Part 1 19:51
Video - Throwing in Sections: Part 2 19:44
Video - Lidded Bowl: Throwing the Bowl 21:11
Video - Lidded Bowl: Throwing the Lid 12:15
Video - Lidded Bowl: Trimming the Bowl 18:14
Video - Lidded Bowl: Trimming the Lid 14:36
Video - Coffee Pot: Throwing the Body 12:02
Video - Coffee Pot: Throwing the Lid 5:44
Video - Coffee Pot: Trimming the Lid 11:13
Video - Coffee Pot: Trimming the Foot 13:08
Video - Coffee Pot: Making a Templated Spout 14:21
Video - Coffee Pot: Pulling a Handle from a Tapered Coil 17:33
PDF - Coffee Pot Spout Template 
PDF - Coffee Pot Dimensions
Video - Coffee Pot: Preparing the Surface for Glaze 6:44
Video - Coffee Pot: Waxing the Lid and Gallery 3:32
Video - Coffee Pot: Glazing the Lid 4:31
Video - Coffee Pot: Glazing and Lining 8:45
Video - Making a Rib for the Low Wide Bowl 12:56
Video - Low Wide Bowl: Throwing from 3 Pounds 12:35
Video - Low Wide Bowl: Throwing from 8 Pounds 19:28
Video - Low Wide Bowl: Trimming and Hanging Method 13:39
PDF - Low Wide Bowl Project Rib Templates
Video - Make Your Own Slump/Hump Molds 1: Designing Your Piece and Making the Model 9:44
Video - Make Your Own Slump/Hump Molds2: Using the Drag Rib to Shape the Model 4:54
Video - Make Your Own Slump/Hump Molds 3: Using Plaster to Make a Mold of the Model 14:42
Video - Make Your Own Slump/Hump Molds 4: Demolding, Cleanup, Soap and Pouring the “Positive” (the new Hump Mold)
Video - Make Your Own Slump/Hump Molds 5: Making a Slab Built Tray 10:53
PDF - Working With Plaster
PDF - Make Your Own Slump/Hump Molds: Tools and Supplies List